About Web-Done

Web-Done is a leading web presence company that specializes in strategic marketing solutions.

The firm was established in 2009 by Michal Shrieber and since has been responsible for hundreds of successful campaigns for a variety of customers.

All of the Web-Done crew is experienced digital media specialists. All of us live and breathe the digital world and social media. We believe that in a world of constant change and with the ever-growing invention you need to be in front of the curve by being constantly updated.

For every client we work with, our goal is to give them the most relevant and most efficient web presence. For every client we browse, monitor and research the web to create strategy, content and activities that best influence the brand image in the web and in the physical world.

We use a holistic approach to brand web image management. The internet is wide, complex and very diverse, and brands that aspire to become influential and to convey a strong massage must wisely use all of the tools and platforms that are in its disposal. It is no longer a question of choosing the right platform, it is a question of how to best use each of the platforms and tools. The customers are looking for the brand's websites at home and on mobile, they talk to the brand on Facebook and they talk of the brand on twitter, to name only the most common web activities. The web offers great opportunities for any brand and the key is to pick the best practice for the target audience and the marketing goals. This is what we do best.

Web-Done has gained experience in establishing and managing a wide variety of content, promotional, marketing and viral activities over the web in general and especially over social media. We use our professional knowledge to expose the right  message to different target audiences over multiple platforms using the most advanced tools. But first of all, we believe that professionalism has to come with great service.  We strive to give a pleasant service and to create a positive, collaborative and empowering work environment.


Complete brand web presence that includes monitoring and dealing with crises, social media activities, viral marketing, web customer research, SEO, multi platform application development and web concepts creation.