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    Social Media - The New Syndu Social Center
    Social Media - The New Syndu Social Center

    Your Social Center is the place where visitors can see a map of your overall web presence, usually your profiles on youtube, pinterest, twitter and other social media networks.

    The idea behind having social profiles is the same as with other marketing tools: to spark and maintain relationships with your audience. These relationships can turn visitors to followers, customers and even advocates by communicating values your audience cares about. Social profiles are where this happens through interesting stories, quotes, images and any other engaging content that you publish.

    With time, relationships maintained over social networks increase your exposure, help you reach more people, and more importantly attract like-minded visitors that share your values. For this reason, we encourage you to work with Syndu’s Social Center and add your social profiles to it.

    In our mission to provide a clean and spacious interface with the new Syndu version, we made some changes to the Syndu Social Center. The Social Media section of the top menu contains all of your social media links in a single unified list for visitors to easily access.

    Also, adding new social media channels to the Social Center is quite simple, all you need to do is login to your Syndu website or Voice, go to Options -> Contact Center, and add your Social Media profiles.

    Before we finish, a word of advice: focus on social profiles that are well designed and maintained with fresh and appropriate content. It's usually a good idea to hide profiles that are stale and not used as they might discourage visitors from following and contacting you.

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