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    Make The Most With Syndu Voice - Advanced Tips
    Make The Most With Syndu Voice - Advanced Tips

    After reading our first Tips For Voice article, you should be able to create Voice stories with ease. Now it's time to make the most out of your content and turn it into a winning web presence. With Syndu voice that means that your presence will be maintained over time on your blog, site and social medie pages as well:

    1. When posting to Facebook or other social networks, we recommend that you add a teaser line that will appear along with the link to the Voice story. This line is used to introduce the story and put it in the right context to your social network audience.

    2. You can also use Voice to keep your audience continuously aware of your stories: you can publish stories immediately, save them as a drafts, add them to the queue for later publication or specify the time and date for Syndu to publish it.

    3. For sharp, focused stories create Short Stories - that are all about external content such as youtube videos or posts from your favorite blogs. Short stories go straight to your social networks, and are fast to create. All you need is the url to the external content, and the story title that will be used as the Facebook teaser line (no need to add text, images and attachments). Also, short stories will appear on your Facebook feed but not on your Voice feed

    In the upcoming weeks we will share more information on new Syndu tools that give you everything you need for a winning web presence. Stay tuned :)