Welcome to Syndu's Voice, this is our very own superblog where stories are published to our audience through our site and Social Media.

    What Is A Short Story?

    We've explained quite a lot about Voice in the past few weeks. It's time to talk about the stories that you don't want to publish to your blog.

    Short stories are a way to share information directly to Facebook without it showing up on your blog.

    A short story is usually a few lines long, and provides a quick update or a quote. You can use a short story to  share links. It's a friendly, useful reminder to your audience.

    When you write a short story, you can decide if it's published immediately, queued or saved as a draft. Adding short stories to the queue means your marketing efforts on social networks is easier, and you earn free time to do other stuff.

    We'll cover short stories in a bit more depth soon, as we launch Feed. 

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