Welcome to Syndu's Voice, this is our very own superblog where stories are published to our audience through our site and Social Media.

    Write a story anywhere and publish in Syndu
    Write a story anywhere and publish in Syndu

    We all have our favirote place to write. Some like to do it at home, some at the office and some on the go. Depending on the place an time, we could also use different offline writing apps like Word or Notepad, as well as online writing apps like Google Docs.

    When pasting content that has been written in a different app, some web applications require that you manually format the text again, changing text sizes, fonts and bullets.

    To make sure that your content can be pasted into Syndu with no formatting hassle, we added some cool options to manage how text is pasted into Syndu:

    • Paste-As-Text removes all formatting from your text. This is great when copying from web pages or emails.
    • Paste-From-Word will maintain the original formatting and works best when pasting from MS-Word running on Mac or Windows
    • You can always use the regular Paste button as before

    These options are available on the menu bar of the Syndu rich-text editor, and work both in Voice and in Syndu Site.

    Keep on writing great stories in Syndu, that's what it's there for.

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