Welcome to Syndu's Voice, this is our very own superblog where stories are published to our audience through our site and Social Media.

    Introducing Syndu Voice - The Web Presence Superblog
    Introducing Syndu Voice - The Web Presence Superblog

    Once you have a website in place, you may ask yourself “How can I get more people to see my website through search engines and social networks?” The answer is to create engaging content and share it on websites or social networks where your customers are likely to find them

    When people read content that resonates with the values they believe in, they will likely read it thoroughly, comment, share and remember it, and so your audience and web presence will increase.

    The Syndu Team is happy to announce that we are launching a new product called Syndu Voice - a superblog designed to boost your web presence. Voice lets you create and share stories (in Syndu engaging content that the reader connects with is called a Story) that can include text, images, videos and urls. Stories can also be published immediately to your social networks, tagged and saved as drafts or to your Queue for timely publishing in the future.

    As of this week, Voice is available on the new Syndu interface, all you have to do is to login, go to your Account Settings, and activate Voice. The next thing you will see are the buttons to add stories on the top bar - and that is exactly where you should begin with your own unique voice.

    While Voice is being rolled out to our customers we will share with you how they are using it. For now, you can have a look at our very own Voice as well as Natti’s Voice, our co-founder.

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