Welcome to Syndu's Voice, this is our very own superblog where stories are published to our audience through our site and Social Media.

    Introducing Syndu Queue - Web Presence With A Timer
    Introducing Syndu Queue - Web Presence With A Timer

    One of the best ways to know that your marketing works and your web presence is effective is when customers remember and talk about your brand to their friends. This is called Top of Mind and can be achieved by regularly reminding your audience of your values and products. Naturally, social networks and blogs are the perfect place to do this on the web.

    To keep your web presence constantly fresh and visible to your audience, we created Syndu Queue, and connected it into your superblog, Syndu Voice. Queue will organize your stories in a queue, and publish them regularly to Voice and to Facebook (other social media to follow).

    Another benefit for a busy business owner is that Queue helps you manage your time effectively. Rather than spending a few minutes every day on updating your blog or Voice, create lots of stories in a focused effort, save them into Queue and they will be published throughout the week, one-by-one.

    Working with Queue is a two-step dance. First, define how often you want stories to be published. The Publish Settings (Options -> Publish Settings) are very easy to manage, all you have to do is define when you want your posts to be published, just as you would with recurring meeting in your calendar.

    The second step is to simply save your stories into Queue. That is also quite easy and can be done directly from the New Story page.

    Queue is part of the Integral Marketing approach and is designed to work with Voice and Feed - a new product that we will announce shortly. Stay tuned for more Syndu news :)

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