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    New Syndu For the New Year
    New Syndu For the New Year

    We have been working hard on a new Syndu version to address many of your questions, requests and needs. We know that web presence may seem like a puzzle with lots of different pieces and our mission is to put them into an integral web presence and leave you to focus on your business success.

    To accomplish this we organized and expanded Syndu into four sweet and simple products - Site, Voice, Queue and Feed.
    Let's start by telling you about the product you already know - Syndu Site. One of the main things we wanted to accomplish is to create a clean, crisp and spacious interface, unified across all Syndu products.

    Here are some of our new features we put into this version:

    • Sign-up using your Facebook id
    • Easier for visitors to find the contact form
    • Fast access to Social Media presence
    • Indication of being logged-in to Syndu
    • Easier for visitors to change languages
    • Menus that are clearer to navigate for Admins and visitors
    • And much more

    Click here to see screenshots of how the new version looks like.

    For now, if you have an existing Syndu account you need to change it to the new version by going to Account Settings -> Syndu Version and changing to New Version. We will later change this automatically to everyone.

    One last thing, please Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with news, tips and daily inspiration boosts.

    Thanks for your continuous support and we wish you a Happy New Year !

    - Team Syndu

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